About me

Picture of me admiring Antwerp

That's me. A 19 year old passionate web developer that loves travelling, photography and technology.

What I do.

Web development & Graphic Design

There's no denying that a digital presence is the core of any business. A modern, responsive and fast website along with well established social media presence is a requirement for any business. I'm here to establish that for you!

Linux Server Administration

For the past few years I've been educating myself to utilize the latest software and technology that will keep any website, database, app or platform run efficiently server-wise. Scalable and lightweight server applications are the core for maximizing uptime and response times.


"A picture says more than a 1000 words." they say. A good company promotion video will give you a much better conversion rate than a bunch of text on a webpage. I will work with you to create the best promo video, aftermovie, wedding movie and so on, that suits your needs!

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Your ideas are my goals! Contact me for a free quote.